hello .. please i need ur help in this ..

i have this exercise ..
1. Define the following data member:
a. fahrenheit_temp of type float.
b. celsius_temp of type float.
2. Define a constructor that:
a. Set the default value for the data member to zero.
b. Call set function.
3. Define a member function called set that:
a. Take the value of Fahrenheit temperature from the user.
b. Call To_Celsius function.
4. Define a member function called To_Celsius that convert Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius. (Note: use this formula: C = (F - 32) * 5.0 / 9.0. Celsius must be integer by using type casting )
5. Define a member function called Print_info that print the degree after the conversion and output a message.
6. Declare temp as an object of Temp_conv.
7. Call Print_info function in the main.

i solve it like this .. is it right ? .. but the number of out put To_Celsius is wrong .. i don't kow what mean's by using type casting ?


using namespace std;

class temp_conv
    float fahrenheit_temp;
    float celsius_temp; 

        temp_conv ( float fahrenheit_temp =0 , float celsius_temp = 0)
        void set(float fahrenheit_temp)
		cout<< "enter the temperature in fahrenheit: ";
        cin>> fahrenheit_temp ;

      float to_celsius(float fahrenheit_temp)
         celsius_temp = (fahrenheit_temp - 32) * 5.0 / 9.0;
		 return celsius_temp;
		void print_info()
				cout<< "the temperature in celsius is:" << to_celsius(fahrenheit_temp) ;


int main()
	float fahrenheit_temp;

    temp_conv temp;

    return 0;

could any one tell me please if the code is right and if n't what's the wrong?


apparently requirement 4 wants you to make Celsius the integer result of the calculation -- typecasging the math result to int, like this?

int C;
C = (int) ((F - 32) * 5.0 / 9.0);

thanx Ancient Dragon .. know i know what it's mean ..