Hi everyone,
I would just ask a question is that can the java programming language be used for commercial uses without any royalty is there any kind of distribution strings attached ( i can charged money for my program and not distribute for free)?

Can someone please help me answer this question

My e-mail is freesoft_2000@yahoo.com

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Richard West

If I understand you correctly what you are incinuating...

Lets say you are building a house and you buy lumber, nails,etc to build with from a local lumber yard; that upon completion and sale of the home the lumberyard still has legal rights to what you have constructed and is in some way entitled to compensation from you or at most now is the owner of everthing. Not the case. While you may pay for libraries and software to assist you in the construction, configuration management, bug tracking etc, etc.. of your software. As long as things are used within the confines of the EULA & don't violate any copyright laws, I would think you're quite alright.

The only exception that I can concieve would be malicious code, viruses, etc. I'm sure 'they've' worked this into the patriot act somehow as well. You can refrence Copyright act(s) of 1909, 1976; DMCA of 1998 & the US Patriot Act. I am not a lawyer & make no legal claims, But if you survive reading the US Patriot Act; my hat is off to you. It's a real page turner.

There is pleny of info on the web, I would start here:

Happy hunting & remember: If voting actually worked, it wouldn't be legal.
Ha Ha, you'll be a little vigilante in no time. "You can have my code when you pry it from my cold dead hands" *sigh*

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