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I am a newbie and need some help. Is it possible to extend the message box functions to include buton "Yes to all and "no to all" in vb6

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Create a Custom MessageBox of Your own.:
1. Add a new for say frmMsg
2. Add a LabelControl To Display Message.
3. Make Controls WordWrap = True
4. Add 5 Command Buttons
5. Name them :Yes, No, Cancel, YesToAll, NoToAll
6. Add a Public Variable in a Module. and Populate it with Some Number in each CommandClick say ... 1,2,3,4,5
7. In Calling Form use this Code:

    frmMsg.Label1.Caption ="Want To Delete..?"
frmMsg.Show 1

And check for the Public Variable for which button is clicked..


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Need more help. How do I stop the application so that it can wait for the answer from the frmMsg and only when I selected a button should it carry on execution of the program.


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