We've got a database with a table that is growing fast. The database is a SQL db that exists at another location connected via the Internet. Originally, we had code to edit records, one at a time by flipping record by record (one record displayed on the form). Unfortunately, this was built on a dataset that would "select * from TABLE". Now, since the table is getting LARGE, it takes forever to fill the dataset since it transfers the entire table across the Internet.

Our question.... We can rewrite the code to grab one record at a time for editing, then replace with the save, OR is there a better alternative that would reduce the number of open/close and queries on the data? Ideally, we would like to use a control like the old ADODB vcr control with the bof, prev, next, eof buttons that looked like this "<< < > >>", but even they would read in an entire dataset. Any help is greatly appreciated.

(This is not a desperate plea or homework assignment, so please answer accordingly)

Thank you in advance!

The ideal approach is to use DataReaders instead of DataSet in getting large no. of rows. DataSet is good for small no. of rows but for larger rows i would recommend using DataAdapters and DataReaders. using Dataset ads lot of Resource overheads.