hello can you help me with my program. Are you familiar with microsoft visual studio 6.0. I made a program in c++ but it will commit errors everytime it will accepts more than 10 integers.. or even large integers

cuddlerbes.....a few things:
1. Introduce yourself in the Geek lounge.
2. If you have a specific problem-post the code(not on my thread) and the guys here will take a look at it and help you.
3. Daniweb provides tutorials on several topics. You can go to google and search for a specific topic or the tutorials here (which are good).
4. Don't post your personal code/question on someone else thread unless it's related to the orignal question...you need to start your own thread.
5. Don't post questions and expect an answer right away or any assistance if you don't try. We're all here to help you learn (even though I don't know a lot either)..
6. I recommend taking a look at the Rules & FAQ for the daniweb forum.

commented: Sounds good to me. +13