Hi guys, Usingf VB net in Windows Forms. In a multi-Windows Formsm, how can I tell in control DataGridView (detail View)on form2 that it should be set at a pre-define row at form2 load,this pre-define row being define by a varible on Form1 trough a doubleclick on a same
control DataGridView in (DataGridView mode). This variable being declare in a Friend Module. So to resume what I would like is at form2 load the Binding Navigator Postion Item be in phase with the one on form1. I have try to force variable to to do it like this: on Form1
Row_Selected = Me.DgProducts.CuurrentRow.Index ( I have an integer in my variable)
on Form2 DgProducts.CuurrentRow.Index = F1.Row_Selected , I can not it's say because
CuurrentRow.Index is read-only, I an stock, Hope you can help me. Thank in advance