Hi everyone!

I have been working with VB5 for a quite while now and couple of days ago I encountered bizzare problem wiht custom toolbar.

Here it is:
My form has a custom toolbar with approx 10 buttons aligned in one row, with a couple of placeholders to separate groups of buttons.
Everything was working fine until one day after I started application, I realized that my toolbar has strangely stretched in two lines and covered part of form fields below. Through toolbars properties window in design view, I have set it to look as it should, but after saving it and opening the code again, and saving again. Same problem occured.
I havent touch toolbar before it happened nor when it reocurred.

Anyone has any idea what might be causing this problem?

Thank you very much!


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No, I am running application on a windows 2000.
This form (and rest of application) was working perfectly on this platform for a 3 years..

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