Hi, i would like to be able to create an icon that appears in the tray by the clock in the bottom left of the desktop. I've looked around and found a little help on msdn but im struggling to understand everything on it, i have the following code (from msdn) which i believe sets everything up for an icon but it just compiles and nothing happens. Can anyone explain it to me or help me on my way to accomplish this??


typedef struct _NOTIFYICONDATA {
    DWORD cbSize;
    HWND hWnd;
    UINT uID;
    UINT uFlags;
    UINT uCallbackMessage;
    HICON hIcon;
    TCHAR szTip[64];
    DWORD dwState;
    DWORD dwStateMask;
    TCHAR szInfo[256];
    union {
        UINT uTimeout;
        UINT uVersion;
    TCHAR szInfoTitle[64];
    DWORD dwInfoFlags;
    GUID guidItem;
    HICON hBalloonIcon;

BOOL Shell_NotifyIcon(
    DWORD dwMessage,


Of course nothing happens because there you did not post any executable code. All you have is a structure and a function prototype.

also try reading some of these google links