I am working with VB6 and access and I am facing theis problem.
Can somebody tell me the reason of such kind of error-
Runtime Error- 8577
Failed getting Rowsets from current data source.
i am getting this error while I am trying to display reports from the database by parsing parameter like select * from customer WHERE (DateOfPrint >= ?) AND (DateOfPrint <= ?)Please help

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I just want to create a DataReport with VB6.0, anybody have the sample code on how to do it?

We create a Billing Project the print msg is small bill but in data report it will display & print in a full page how i cut it to bill size wee using dot matrix printer bill sheet paper(half size of A4)

hello every one. I'd created on application in vb6.0 with datareprot.
I'd have to done design my biill in datareport but it create problem. it's like I'm retrieving all data from database. there is name ,address, Teleno in group header. while all the product where it will be 5 or 10 it'll goes to detail.
but the problem is if there is one product in detail view it will print half paper of the A4 size. and if there is 5 to 6 records then it'll print full of paper.
so i want if there is 1 records or % records it should be print full paper. so how can i do this please help me any one it's very urgent.
post on my email pritesh_271187@yahoo.co.in

hy guys help me to create datarepots?

to create a report in VB.6
why not use the data dynamics active reports

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