I am working for a software company as a senior programmer and I currently is charge with designing large .NET project involving WinForms development (C#. WinForms, SQL Server). With this increased responsibility I was just wondering if there is any code generator which would give us the freedom to focus on the business rules and the UI development rather than writing stored procedures and the data access layer. We would be looking for a tool that generates the persistence module (create, update, retrieve, delete) with minimal development effort from us.

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In the first place there are not many such generators available on the market. The few I tried did not give me much satisfaction until I found OxyGen Code. It is available at http://www.techinceptions.com/codegenerator.html. OxyGen Code is a very versatile tool that allows modeling the data relationships, generates stored procedures (including data paging), data entities and many others. It is also worth mentioning the advanced query capabilities and well as the caching mechanism. I wish you good luck and Happy Holidays!

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