i am trying to calculate the minimum difference between the sum of elements of two splits formed from a list. this is how the function should work.
the function has to take a list of possitive integers(duplicates are possible) and split it into two sub lists. now it has to calculate the sum of the elements in each split. to define the split size we have to calculate the dufference between the sums. in this we have to obtain the minimum split size for any given list of numbers
for example:
we gave list (1 2 3)
now we have to split it , so as to get minimum split size. i.e, (1 2) and (3)
now sum of elements in split 1 is 1+2 = 3
sum of elements in second split is 3
now split size = 3 - 3 = 0
which is the minimum split size :)
please help me out , urgent

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