Hi, I need a simple code to find CBO coupling between classes ,by using bcel API.this code isnt work and i dont no how calculate cbo by using parser and (methods,classname and how pass it to program;
in my code i calculate simple cyclomatic complexity but now,i need to find cbo between classes using methods that i reffer to it in my code,please can anyone help me...

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Thanks, i want to find cbo without this tool,you see my code contain parser statement ,method function and classname and so on.. ,but i dont know how to work and find the size of hashset that contains methods,....so on.and the size of hashset is cbo.

@Mar.Na That's the neat part of open source. So you can see how it was done. The google I used found more examples too.

One of the neat part about the world today is that there's a lot of open source content. As the saying goes, "Use the source Luke."

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