Hello , how to use Calendar control in C# for windows Application,im not Asking about "MonthCalendar".
And I was watching some videos they use calendar control in the toolbox ,but in my visual studio 2013 in toolbox there' no calendar control .please help.

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So I did some quick Googling real quick, from what I can tell, the Calender control is designed for System.Web.UI, not System.Windows.Form which is what you'd be using for a Windows Form design. It looks like, the MonthCalender is the WindowsForm equivalent of the Calender

so u mean that i cant use calendar control in desktop application ?

i cant use calendar control

Correct. You can't use THAT one. There are many third party calendars available, there has to be one that will suit your needs.

There are many third party calendars available, there has to be one that will suit your needs.

for example ? can u please which calendar use?

I'm working on desktop application (Doctor appointment) I want to show calendar for example : patient have an appointment of 16 Jan 2016 so I want in calendar 16 Jan cell written a text appointment when I click on that cell popup or something like message box to show me how many appointments I have in 16 Jan 2016 .

I'm not asking for code just give some example or idea's, please . and also, tell me which calendar I should use.

He meant more there are libraries out there, external to .NET's default collection you get when you install it, that could provide what you are looking for. I would suggest just googling around.

For instance, here is one I found just googling "C# Library Calender"

If you were really ambitious, you could create your own, however, notice I said ambitious, as this wouldn't be a quick coding job (you'd probably use like a TableLayoutPanel, and then create panels for cells. Or you could try a DataGridView, and then have events related to cell clicking).

Usually when I build custom controls like this, they take time as I want to make something rather robust so I could use it in the future (they can take me hours and hours as I write my own events amoung other things)

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