you have been contracted as a software develper to design a point of sales system, the system is to work in a way that ,if a customer purchase an item on credit and it cost more than or equal to $100 the system should alert the sells personnel that sells cant be made.
if the sells is not on credit the system should alert the customer thank you for coming.

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@francis_6, you posted without asking a question. You did tag it c++ which some could infer there is code to be had.

Take a moment to clarify your questions and show where you are stuck.

Need help writing it

We don't do your homework for you. Make an effort and code it as you think it should be, and then we may be able to help you.

Need help writing it

What incentive do I have to help you write it when you haven't put any effort into it yourself?

when you haven't put any effort into it yourself?

Or, indeed, even any effort in asking the question beyond cut and paste/copying of a question someone has asked of him/her...

If I was a teacher I think the report would consist of three simple words: Must. Try. Harder.

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