how to conneect the windows form with the online web server database. if anyone knows please respond me how

This is a tough one. That web server database should have some API and other examples. As it stands your post is too vague but before I'd code line one, I'd want the web server's API in hand.

Unless you are connecting to the db using the server name and the database instance in which case you server name in the connection string would look like


assuming that the IP address of the server is or the server name is merlin.

so there is a posibility to connect the online database in am i right?
if possible please send me some example.

That would depend on what the database engine is and how it is configured. The difference is in the connection string and you can get the correct format here.

Also, depending on the database engine, you will be using ADO, OleDB or SQLclient.

@Reverend Jim. I had one client ask for this and the "database" was Wikipedia. What they wanted was a web scraper to get some Wikipedia page and find the numbers on the GDP for countries.

To the OP, you have to tell more. RJ did share there are 3 engine interfaces and I think there are more if you go looking. So with this in mind, let's hear more about this web server.

please give me some video example or sample codes

Why not host Asp.Net pages on the server and call them from through a username and password. Seems to me this question should be asked in Programming/Web development.

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