Hello ..

i have created an asp net web app (.Net FrameWork ) website local "which has connection with my local sql database " on my device and i want some other client to work on it remotly ... i have tried to get IIS but faced different some problems in it ...

so i have used zuEuz server instead ... but still facing same problem in accessing it remotly however i have managed to get it work on my pc and my devices connected to same network ...

i have done the followig ::

assigning firewall port for it ..
changed my router port to allow it ...

but when someone tries to access it remotly it gets thet page that it took long time to reposne how to solve that ...


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This sounds as if the firewall port work is not done.

Remember that the following is only for testing to see if it's your firewall settings (or port forwarding.) Place this server's LAN IP into the routers DMZ entry then test again. Remove from the DMZ after the test and report back here.

commented: Is there another way to test with to find out what is the problem ? +0

I have tried to add my server ip in DMZ but it is not working ?

What port are you serving on? Port 80 and others are often blocked by your ISP.

The test is pretty simple. The server works on your LAN and even if we put the server on the WEB using the router's DMZ it still fails.
Workaround. Try other port numbers.

PS. Note options at http://www.zueuz.com/en-us/projects/portable-aspnet-web-server/#tab-docs

I understand what are you saying ... i have tried first port 80 then 8080 the 10000 .. for the DMZ ...<Nothing is working>
as i mentioned before i managed to make it work on my pc and and device connected to my network ...
i have seen the link you mentioned ablove but nothing ...

If it works on your PC, then that's something.
If it works on your LAN then that's something.
If it doesn't work from the Internet then that's something.

Remember that some ISPs block all servers so there's something there.

The issue you are having is where many cut their teeth learning "where is the problem?"

I can't fix it for you, but can guide as to how I figure out where the issue is. Once we find where the issue is then we look for solutions. Sometimes folk just want the solution without finding out where the problem is. That's done by paying tech support or calling in help.

commented: No i want you to help me finding the problem ... +0

can you help me finding the issue here ...
as i mentioned before it is working on my pc and devices connected to my network ...

however when i try to access it from my mobile that is connecting to 4G it keeps getting me that it is not reachable even when i tried the DMZ and openedt my forward port ...
you were saying that "Remember that some ISPs block all servers so there's something there." even that can happen by testing using DMZ ???

i tried the DMZ and openedt my forward port

You would do one then the other. Remember I did not do your research about which ports to open. I start with the DMZ so I know if port forwarding will work.

Since your PC works and devices/PCs work on the LAN then it's either your router settings or an ISP that doesn't allow this.

For example there was a client who was on a WISP (wireless ISP) and the way this WISP was setup, no one could run any servers. Also some games would fail.

-> As it stands it seems the server is fine but it's either the router or the ISP. Remember I can't see your work or router so I can't tell you which it is.

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