hi all iam working as software developer i wish to create my blog website using asp.net and C# so any one have idea so please help me in this Please
thak you in advance

Download wordpress ;)
Or, if you want to do this yourself, what areas of web design are you familiar with? Are you asking for help with site design, databases or the actual coding?
Simply put you will have one page that allows you to enter your blogs (unless you intend to upload them some other way) and the page that shows the blog titles and dates and then extracts and displays the selected one.
If you need help with particular areas we can help more.

Wordpress is definitely the best overall package. You can also use Google's Blogger or even Tumblr. Not sure why you would want to create your own - leverage what's already out there ans save yourself some time!

As others have mentioned, there are quite a bit of packages out there already that you can freely download and customize. Creating your own blogging platform could be done, but be prepared to spend some time and commitment.

Yes I do have ideas for creating a blog website through Asp.net. It consists of three main components such as pages, assemblies and an application file. For creating a blog website, you have to manually use a text editor program and the development Kit provided by Microsoft for C#.

Well this is a long procedure and might take time to create a blog website. Instead of using it, you can create a blog website through Word Press which is one of the easiest blog scripts. You can read some great tutorials of using it at Simple Website Turtorials that could be of help.

Another new one to look at is sBlog. Fairly simple, but looks to have a lot of promise

sBlog.Net Project

FYI ... WordPress is PHP, not Asp.Net.