Hello i have aproblem with hosting my localwebsite suppose it on pc A
My target is to allow pc B (not on same network ) to access pc A and work on it .{my website hs connection to my local sql database }.
i am using IIs 7 .. i have read that in order to do this i have to get service management in IIS which i can not show in the UI .. i don't know why ?

Someone told me that i have to have my pc running on windows server ... as my cirrent is windows 10 pro is that right ?
Or i can do it on 10pro if yes why can't i manage to get service management in IIS ...


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I mentioned two issues. Be sure to read the link I gave and then tell me what you didn't understand.

commented: ii have another question is it possible to host an asp net web app (.net framework) using xampp server after connect the website to mysql database ? +0

rproffitt thanks a lot, your advice helped me!

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