Student need to go through the CASE STUDY shown in this exam paper Analyze and answer specific section based on your own thinking and work CASE STUDY Covid-19 pandemic is still on the progress despite several attempts of vaccine program around the world and many of successful ones are already in the vaccinate program within the community. In a study of the spread of transmission of virus, it has been found to be a dramatic at any give time in a region very cold specially in Europe. The Covid data node consists of members: covidID as integer, age as integer and syndrome as Covid Syndrome. The Covid Syndrome has members: syndromeld as integer. The three cases will have to be stored are: {101, 24}, {102,30} and {103,45} and Covid Syndrome to be stored are {10}, {20} and {30}. As an expert with the idea of data structure and computing, you love to create a computer program for an efficient representation of information. You want to use your program to create and search covid node as and when needed and also allow other users to use your system for searching virus spread information. Answer the following questions: (marks)

  1. Propose a design of Data Structure based on the above requirements of cases. You need to submit a diagram representing your solution.

  2. Write a complete program using C to implement your proposed solution.

  3. Write 3 points on challenges in your proposed solution.

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