Ok, this is about as simple as it gets. This is a hit counter for your page that stores the count in a simple text file of your choosing. No need for a database, MySQL or otherwise. No complicated rubbish. Just one single function and one single file to store the count. Thats it.

/* first you will need to create a text file somewhere and give it
a name obviously. In this example I will call it hits.txt */
$stored = "hits.txt"; 

/* The following function when called gets the text file
named in the above variable '$stored', then opens it for
reading and writing, saves its contents in variable $stuff
closes it, then opens it again, adds 1 to $stuff, 
displays $stuff and then saves and closes the file again. */

function displayHitThingy($stored) { 
     $fp = fopen($stored,rw); 
     $stuff = fgets($fp,9999); 
     $fp = fopen($stored,w); 
     $stuff += 1; 
     print "$stuff"; 
     fputs($fp, $stuff); 

/* Now you just display it on your page somewhere
with the following */
Page hits: <?php displayHitThingy($stored); ?>
/* Thats it. You can of course use it on more than one
page, just remember to change the textfiles name for each
e.g. page1.txt page2.txt and so on.. */
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This script requires PHP support on your server to work.
If you have PHP enabled, you copy and paste the script above into the page where you want it.
You will probably need to be in 'code view' or whatever the equivalent is in the software you are using.
You then have to rename the script to have a .php extension instead of a .htm or .html
Be aware that any other links to this page will need to be updated to reflect the name change.
Hope this helps you out

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