Good morning,
I am sure this has been asked before. So here it goes. I've been playing with these two php functions and was wondering if I have the logic right.
let's say I wrote a function called crazy encrypt

function crazyencrypt($password){
$pass = $password.$is;
$password=md5($pass2, true);
return $password;

I mean what the function is doing is salting the hashes is this overkill though I mean I could write it like

function crazyencrypt($password){
$i = array("isthis", "overkill",md5, sha1,$pass, $pass1, $pass2, $password, true);
return $i[7];

could I make two arrays with the second code? Just playing around, this is how i learn

Dang ! Do you really need this level of encryption :D ! But anyways, What do you mean by 2 arrays with 2nd code ?

no just like to play with php. Putting the second part into an array