How can I put "text" directly next to a variable in a URL?

My variable is $bandodd. It will have a numeric value.

In the resulting URL, I want the value of $bandodd to be right next to the text - "AA" - so it will look like this: "?size=32AA"

See the code below, which doesn't work. It doesn't read the variable because it thinks it's "$bandoddAA"

However, I can't figure out any character I can put in between the variable and the text that will "disappear" and make it 32AA in the URL.

Please help!


if(checkNum($val1) === TRUE && $val1 < 33 && $val2 - $val1 == 0 && $val2 + $val1 <= 120 && $val2 + $val1 >= 50 ){

header("Location: http://www.online.com/bra_school_bra_fit_calculator_test.php?size=$bandoddAA");


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