Hello All,

I learnt Curl can solve some of my pressing PHP problems. I can't seem to get enough documentation on how to fully use the power of Curl- I need a helper.

Can Somebody so kind, send me an electronic document on Curl ?

It will be impossible to thank you enough if you do.

you can send to my e-mail [email]email removed[/email]


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Thanks for your Reply,

I dont need a Curl- getting started- kind of book. I had visited, before now, almost all the sites you adviced and i have not found the appropriate book i am looking for. To be precise, the book in this link http://curl.phptrack.com/index.php (PHP/Curl Book) holds the answer to my quest. the problem is i cant seem to find a site who has it for download.

If you find any please send me the link ASAP.



If you are sure it has the answer you could always buy it ^^.

Or you could just ask the question about the problem you are having....

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