Hey all, I am looking for a very flexible document management system, and have come to the point of believing I am either going to have to settle for less functionality than i wanted or do alot of coding. Neither option is very appealing to me.

This software is going to be for an intranet and will be closely tied to it. Basically the company has many documents stored out on the web server, and I am going to try and develop a very clean repository and the means to serve them through the company intranet to all the front end users. Here is the functionality i need:

1. Ability to upload files to the web server to various folders to organize them.
2. When uploading files i need to be able to add a form that allows users to describe their file based on various fields, and then those fields need to be written up to a database for other front end pages later on that will be listing the files.
3. Users should be able to see a page/window with all of their files they are responsible for.
4. I also want the software to have boundaries between user files. Department A can only modify, remove, and add files in Dept A's directory. Dept B's directory will not be available to Dept A, and Dept A shouldnt even be aware of Dept B's files in the management system, and vice versa.
5. Users should be able to modify file details of existing files, and then write the changes to the database.
6. Users should be able to remove file data from the database, and if possible delete the file as well.
8. I would like the user to be able to save some kind of backup of a file if they wish to do so before updating it.
7. I would prefer that this be written in .net with c#.

I know these are alot of specifics, and honestly im guessing im going to have to just ask my bosses to be patient while i write this app. But if anyone knows of a piece of software that would fit my needs I would really appreciate the info.


I know there are quite some Document Management Systems out there. But, from personal experience, I can suggest one company, Idatix Corporation (www.idatix.com). Their whole product suite is exclusively developed in C#/ASP .NET, and hosted with Windows Server and SQL Server on a LAN. There's a whole array of products there, but, the Support can customize a solution for you.

I'm well aware of this process since I worked there previously as a Software Engineer. Anyway, you can give it a try.

Thanks, I'll check them out. Cost could definately be a problem though, i know for a fact that our budget is completely spent in my department, so small purchases are about all i can squeeze through.
Right now im looking at using Fileup and using it with my own custom pages to get the functionality i want, but that would require alot of time and coding on my part.

Does any have experience with integrating Fileup or something similar and custom pages to have any of the functionality i listed above?

If you have not got any budget for developing such a complex .net project , use google docs then.

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