I am fairly new to PHP, although I am fairly familiar with c++. I am just looking for some good php websites. I am interested in Content Managedment Systems and MemberSystems. I am not exactly looking to download someone elses code. I am instead looking for tutorials, that teach basic knowledge on these topics.
I am interested in the workings of these, and would like to program my own in the end.

If anybody knows of just a kick ass php or coding reference site. please post it


Hi new to php'er

I have learnt a lot from the zend development zone, they created php.
Takes a bit of time the wade throug the navigation but they have some awsone articles. http://devzone.zend.com/public/view
O and don't forget http://php.net i still use this a lot for function name references and so on.
If you type php.net/function_name_here it will act as a search box:)
O and if you realy want to go wild get the new php eclipse ide, it is truly awsome with real good code completion (even the classes and functions you wrote ) and syntax highliting, only the realy expensive zend studio is a better editor, and eclise is free.

If you are interested in the content management system I would suggest checking out the PHP link directory project: http://www.phplinkdirectory.com/.

It has both front end and back end for a directory site and it uses Smarty template in their code. They do have a free version that you can download and take a look at. Depending on your level this may be a good start.

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