I am new to Microsoft web development. I need help with plain old ASP. Not ASP.NET

I would like to users to my web site to upload .PDF files into the database. I have IIS 5 on Windows 2000 server. Other modules are working flawlessly, but my employer want me to provide website a capability to store .PDF files into the database which will later be displayed to visitor of the website in PDF format by clicking on the file of the .PDF file.

I have found and tried one of the solution on this website but it uses VB and I do not have VB on my web server. Rest of my ASP pages are working with VBScript. If there is a way for me to configure the webserver to work with VB level code in ASP page I would like to do that as well.

Can some help?


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You just need to worry about a server-side script to process the file you want to upload. Refer to the following page for such script:

The fact that your file is PDF really makes no difference. I know it saves the files to specified folder on the filesystem, but if does not support db, you instead of saving the pdf to the database, you can just save the path of the pdf on your filesystem. Of course, you can always choose to first save it to the filesystem first and once that is done save it to your db as binary and then delete it from your filesystem. So, you have lots of options. You just need to decide which route to go.

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