there would be a account balance area, upgrade area, members profile area , cash ptc area , point ptc area, paid to signup area, and this would be linked to mysql so that everything happen over a click automatically and i need not have to do it manually.

Can you be a bit more specific ?


The balance , profile etc can be part of a member table, and the sign up/upgrade areas can be scripts that modify the table when signup/payment is received.

If you are looking to make a pay to click site like bux or adbux then it's probably best you hire some professionals to do it with some SEO and launch a few advertising campaigns to draw visitors and advertisers.

You could try GetAFreelancer to hire someone.

Those kind of sites are fairly complex and require a fair amount of experiance and skill to make. Not to mention; making sure people don't cheat is a really difficult deal.

I believe there are also some premade scripts for ptc sites. May not have all the features, and I don't know how well they work or how much they cost. Try searching on the net.

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