Ok, I'm relatively new to php/mysql/apache and I've got myself stuck(I bet that sounds familiar)

Here's where I'm at:

  1. I successfuly installed Wampserver onto my PC(latest release) and tested that php is working using the phpinfo script(all good);
  2. I have an installation of oscommerce on my main webserver which i want to work on so have downloaded all files to my pc;
  3. I also exported the database to an sql file and saved it on my pc;
  4. I loaded the oscommerce site folder into the appropriate folder for apache(wamp/www);
  5. I imported the database using phpmyadmin giving it the same name as what was on my webserver;
  6. I setup a user with the same username and password as I used on the server when installing oscommerce;
  7. However, when testing my site i get the "Access denied for user..... (using password: YES)"......"unable connect to database" error;

What file/s do i need to be modifying to allow my local installation of oscommerce access to the database?

What i am wanting to do long term is use my local installation as a base for future sites. I just can't quite get my head around how to link the php and mysql database manually.

Much thanks in advance for any help that can be given.

In your oscommerce, check for the file which connects to the database. Check hostname, username and password. Hostname should be localhost, specify the username and password if you have created any (by default, username is root).