I am getting Error 302 "Object moved to here" from Spiders and from msn.com

Click Cached Page

Can any body explain?

The page contains one Response.Redirect(URL, True) in code but it if in a button

It also contains five SQL Select statments

Is this caused by ASP.NET, Me or some other thing?

done by spider/incorrect url when the spider ran through your site. The spider probably grabbed the URL and cached the page, and if the page location was changed at any time, it will show that the object was moved and the cached page is no longer available. Not your fault at all. All about the spiders.

odd, check all your links and whatnot for any white spaces like: " http://"

Otherwise, the only reason that I could see that you would get that error is more due to rss feeds. If you have any on there, try removing them and running the spider again to see if that is your cause.

There are no spaces in any of my links and i don't have any RSS Feeds

Not sure, wish I could be of more help.

Looks like i had a Response.Redirect in my MasterPage that caused the page to refresh its self if a user was logged in

I have removed the Response.Redirect and the page works fine now

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