First, the sample code:

<%-- ================ some.jsp =============== --%>
<%-- bunch of code [...] --%>
<td><bean:message key="prompt.desc" /></td>
<td><html:textarea property="desc" /></td>
<bean:message key="prompt.notes" />
<tiles:insert page="checkSpellTile.jsp" flush="false"></tiles:insert>
<td><html:textarea property="notes" /></td>
<%-- ================ end some.jsp =============== --%>

<%-- ================ checkSpellTile.jsp =============== --%>
<%-- some JSP code [...] --%>

<%-- ================ end checkSpellTile.jsp =============== --%>

Using WebSphere 5.1.

So, my first foray into JSP programming - I have a number of
different JSP pages that need spell check widgets associated
to some text fields. The sample code shown works fine. The
prompt, "Notes ...:" is following by the spell check
[clickable] widget. Then the user clicks the widget, the
spell check is launched and it checks the text in the
"notes" field for the form.

The sticky situation that I can't seem to solve is that each
of the forms associated with each of the different JSP pages
has a different name for the text field (that needs to be
spell checked).

I've tried doing this (between the <tiles:insert...></tiles:insert...>):
<tiles:put name="theNotes" beanName="orderForm" beanProperty="notes"/>

... and then in the checkSpellTile.jsp, inserting this:
<tiles:importAttribute name="theNotes"/>

... and then for the "textComponentName" attribute:

Any ideas how do solve this problem?