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In our project we are designing a advance search field using drop down list. using this we can enter a multiple search option for a single search.If we want to remove certain options afetr entered that for search how can we write PHP script for that.can somebidy give me a solution

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why you want to search other search option just control the query , if value enter add the condition to that query , otherwise no need to add the condition .

So that no need to remove the search option


sorry if my first question is not clear.

For example:
If the user want to search the list by entering city,address,state, zipcode. Afterthat he wants to remove the address (or someother field which he has selected) from the search option to refine the search. how can we perform this in PHP or Javascript.


If the user selects to search by choosing city, address, etc, you can check whether that dropdown list is set. for eg., if the dropdown list name is city, check whether it is set. if(isset($_REQUEST['city'])) If its set, then add a condition in your query to also include city in its search.

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