Hi All,
I have a query now i need to integrate my outlook calendar with external web portal to add events so that the outlook calendar can remind me , Could anyone suggest open source libraries to do this .
Thnx in advance
Thnx & Regards,

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Hi mithesh,

Could you expound on your question?

  • Will you be pulling information from your portal into your outlook calendar?
  • Will you be synchronizing information between the outlook calendar and your web portal?
  • Are you using a collaboration server of any kind with outlook?
  • Will this solution be implemented on your computer alone or distributed to multiple clients?
  • Anything else that would help us understand your situation (topography, protocols, etc)

I'm almost positive there is a solution, however, finding the correct one depends on your situation.

If you want to get started quickly, you may want to head over to the Visual Basic side of daniweb and ask how to use CURL to retrieve information and then add it to outlook's alerts.

Thanks mithesh


Hi, i too have a similar issue, and looking for ways to figure out how can i integrate my outlook with website php calendar.

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