Hi guys,
I need some help on data binding. The table is shown as below

ID Item
03 5
03 6
19 5
19 8
19 3

How do I present the data on a web page (mobile web form to be exact) such that the the ID is like a hyperlink and when people click on it, it shows the list of items (something like Objectlist binding). Thanks...

if u can use datagrid in that application ,its a better choice for ur requirement.

Dim daKab As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT p.nm_prop, b.kd_kab, b.nm_kab  FROM tbKab b " & _
                                        "INNER JOIN tbProp p ON p.kd_prop=b.kd_prop WHERE " & _
                                        "nm_prop = '" & cbProp.Text & "'", conn)
        Dim dSet As DataSet
        Dim dView As DataView
        dSet = New DataSet

        daKab.Fill(dSet, "b")
        dView = New DataView(dSet.Tables("b"))

        lbKab.DataBindings.Add("text", dView, "kd_kab")