Ok. here's the problem. I bought a game site script thinking that I would just be able to put it directly onto my website.. haha.. I have no experience in building websites and am completely lost. It's in PHP and what I've done so far is created a mysql acct and a phpadmin acct. I am stll completely lost. It's to the point that I'd pay someone to help me get this set up. Any information will be so GREATLY appreciated!! Someone point me in the right direction.. the person I bought it from seems to have no interest in helping.. So again, thanks in advance!!

Let's start here: what is happening (or not happening)? What error messages are you getting?

Well basically nothing because I can't figure out what to do. The person I bought it from says I need to upload the files on phpadmin and I don't know how to do that. I uploaded some files but don't know if it worked or not.

open phpmyadmin in web,
import the database from your pc.
then if there is any database connection file change the username , password and the database name to new ones.

for sure there is an installation guide provided for you. the first thing you should do is make a database on your site then run the index file. Im sure if the scripts are not yet setup, it will detect it and redirect you to the installation page and surely it will guide you just make sure to supply the correct database name, username, password and hostname. Most commercial products should have that kind of installation wherein if figured out that its not yet set up it should guide you to do so. If this does not work, kindly give the detail of the errors you have encoutered on the installation process.

There were no installation instructions with the scripts. I did figure out that I was locked out of my database. I'm so clueless to this that I don't even know what the database is for. What am I supposed to put there.. the games? I don't know what to name them or what to upload.?? I do know now how to get to my database though.. lol! I'm so confused.. Sorry everyone.. Please help!! Can someone just tell me step by step from.. I have the files (php scripts) downloaded onto my computer, I have a website(nothing but a temp page on it). I have a MySQL account and phpmyadmin on my site.. and that's it.. I don't know whether I'm supposed to upload the files directly to my website, to phpmyadmin or mysql?? HELP!! Thanks to all who have already tried to help!

You'll need to hire someone to do this. This isn't a task we can walk you through unfortunately. We don't even have the script to see what has to happen. Every script is different.

If you don't want to hire someone you should try to find the author and see if they have a set of instructions. Usually their website does.

I'm willing to hire someone at this point:) Thanks for all the feedback!! Great forum.. lots of good information.