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How can I write a javascript code to change the alignment of a textarea so that the user can select a part of of a textarea and change the alignment of this part by clicking a button?

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Try the textAlign style.

But it may not work. The text alignment of a text box or a text area depends on the data type it is used for.


text-align Attribute | textAlign Property

Sets or retrieves whether the text in the object is left-aligned, right-aligned, centered, or justified

The property is read/write for all objects except the following, for which it is read-only: currentStyle . The property has a default value of left . The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) attribute is inherited.

Applies To: BLOCKQUOTE , BODY , CENTER , currentStyle , DD , DIR , DIV , DL , DT , FIELDSET , FORM , hn , HR , INPUT type=password , INPUT type=text , LI , LISTING , MARQUEE , MENU , OL , P , PLAINTEXT , PRE , runtimeStyle , style , TABLE , TD , TEXTAREA , TH , TR , UL , XMP


but you still wont be able to align PART of the text differently to another part. Not in the same textbox anyway.

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