I am a php coder and my work has asked me to take a look at why there is a problem with a site that is in cold fusion and php. So i said ok. Now im in a pickle i cannot figure out how to solve this problem. So here is the problem:

ok so this website pulls information from like 8 tables in one database. Now when i go to the 349-368 reportgenId rows it pulls up nothing. I have already checked php my admin and they are def. in there still. So the page loads if it is anywhere past or before those pages. Why would it just not let like 20 rows not show up? There are 2 pages that have this problem one that is in php and one that is in coldfusion. Now since the problem is persistant in both pages then im sure its the db but i have checked that as well and cannot find out what the hell is wrong with it.... If someone can help me that would be wonderful.
Here is some code.

<CFQUERY NAME="Recordset1" DATASOURCE="mcss">
FROM mcss.requested_reports, mcss.gen_report, mcss.clientinfo, mcss.applicant_investgate, mcss.conviction_history, mcss.education_degree_verify, mcss.employment_verification, mcss.professional_credential_verify
WHERE mcss.gen_report.GenReportId =#URL.ReportID#
AND mcss.requested_reports.ReportID = #URL.ReportID#
AND mcss.clientinfo.clientID = mcss.gen_report.GenClientID
AND mcss.applicant_investgate.investID = #URL.ReportID# 
AND mcss.conviction_history.ConID= #URL.ReportID#
AND mcss.education_degree_verify.ED_ID= #URL.ReportID#
AND mcss.employment_verification.EmployID= #URL.ReportID#
AND mcss.professional_credential_verify.Pro_ID= #URL.ReportID#</CFQUERY>

The query information.
Now i have done an if statement that detects if it finds the URL.ReportID and it does so ya...
Why would it doe this???

nvm i fixed it its because for somereason some rows didnt get created in the other tables for the rows i was looking at.