I am running into a problem where users insert their data into a textarea, which is then sent to a corresponding table in Heidisql. When the user clicks on the print button, it recalls the information to be printed. However, all the paragraph breaks and formatting, which is still present in Heidi, is lost upon the recall. I keep finding little bits on explode, does anyone have any advice on what I can do to stop the condensing of text and losing all the formatting? Thanks.


Heidisql is just your GUI that displays data from your MySQL database. If you post again use MySQL so people now what DB your using.

When you submit that data to the database are the, for example: "<BR/>", being saved? Or is it just pure text?



Use nl2br() to retain the format.

use htmlentities

Ok now I have been able to format the text in the blob by using the convert- New lines to BRs in the dynamic text window. It keeps all the formatting except for apostrophes and quotations. Is there any secondary formatting that I could add to recognize and retain the quotations? Any help is greatly appreciated.