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I am new to this community and also new to PHP. My problem is that i have installed apache 2.2.6 and also have php 5.2 version. also made all the changes in conf file of apache. I also did all the neccesary things on PHP side (placing & changing files in windows folder) . my apache webserver is running fine and when i am calling a .php page it is not showing any output (giving me standard error) .can any one help me up to configure this properly .thanks in advance ,,,,

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Hi I also used to set up my own configuration until I got fed up with it and switched to XAMPP. Give it a try:

However, if you can't or don't want to then post here your httpd.conf so that we have something to start with. There can be dozens of things wrong.

Have you looked in the Apache error logs for some clues as to why?

It should give you some error message....

I have solved the problem it's working fine for now. thanks for your help.

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