Hi guys!

Im am setting up a login page using Dreamweaver MX but I cannot set up my testing server. I need to set up my testing server to use the server behaviours. I have a little tick beside 'create a site' and 'choose a document type' but cannot get a tick beside ' Set up sites testing server'. Dreamweaver doesnt tell me why or give any idication that it hasnt set up the testing server, just no tick!

Does anyone have any ideas why this is and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!!

GLT :)


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you set this up while editing or creating a new "website". Click your Sites tab under your Files section on the right or left hand side (depending on your panel placement). Select your site and edit it. Go to Advanced to bypass mumbo jumbo. Click on the tree view "Testing Server". You're going to need to know your connection string to your database, and when you do, plug and play.


Thanks for getting back to me but.. thats what I have been doing! (I think)

my testing server folder is the same as my local root folder... I thought this was right??
What I have is:
Local root folder - c:\ Inetpub\wwwroot\sitename\
testing server folder - c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\sitename\

What else do I need to do?



Just setting up the folder is not enough, you have to set up your database access as well.

ok, I thought I had done that but I must be missing something out.

I just tried again but also tried to add a database...

I went to control panel and ODBC Data Source Admin and add a data source. I cannot find my sql server database to add as a data source as it is on a different server (dont know how to get this), but I used an access database for testing how to do it. I then went to Dreamweaver to add a database but its is asking for the connection string. I tried to add C:\Documents and Settings\gthompson\My Documents\project\dbtest.dsn which is where the access database file is stored but it didnt work. Is this the correct way to set up the connection? How do I find out what the correct connection string is?

Thanks for your help!!


ok... i did manage to set up the connection between the database and dreamweaver, it is now visable under the database tab in the applications panel but, I still cannot set up my testing server for my server behaviours. Do I have to change this: ???
Local root folder - c:\ Inetpub\wwwroot\sitename\
testing server folder - c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\sitename\

Sorry if I'm asking really simple questions, I am a student on my work placement and I need to get this working for my project.

Thank you!


No, since it is on the same machine you won't have to change that... unless you connected it to the actual database on the server? If so, then yes you will. Do a simple script that runs on your server saying


this will give you the path to the root folder. Unfortunately Adobe did not make it easy for anyone to set up the database connection. I have never successfully done it. I had a database connected once, and many many tables within it, but dreamweaver never showed them, no matter what I did. Try following the tutorial dreamweaver gives you to set up that connection. The connection string will be like the one you use on your website, but not exactly the same so copy and paste most likely won't work.

I still cannot connect! really frustrating!

I have dreamweaver connected to an access database. I have tried to set up the testing server SO many times... what I have been doing and actually have is:

- Under the application tab at the right hand side, under server behaviours, I have a tick beside number 1 and 2, when i click on 3 to set up the testing server a window pops up 'site definition for testlogin' in which i have:

Server model - ASP.NET VB
Access - Local/Network
Testing server folder - c:\inetpub\wwwroot\testlogin\

refresh remote file list automatically is ticked

URL Prefix - http//localhost/testlogin/

- under the files tab on the right hand side, when it is pointing at the testing server, it shows the site file in in red with the page I have crested and the web.config.

If dreamweaver can find it and sees what is in it under the files tab why wont it connect??? does anyone know what I am doing wrong?? :(

Thanks for all your help!


you have your remote info and testing info exactly the same? They should be. You might also set access to : local
and server folder to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\
and url prefix is not needed, but should just be http://localhost/

and make sure you have all colons and everything.

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