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Do you mean something like:
- user inputs a commando eg: dir
- [send]
- page shows a directory listing?

I don't think something like that will ever be posible with javascript. Because javascript can't even communicatie with outher programmes. Its just a scripting language to make webpages more dynamic.

You could try something like PHP or ASP (for windows). But don't bother making a webbased command prompt yourself there are some nice php remote cmd files already out there.

  *                     PHP Shell 2.1                          *

  PHP Shell is an interactive PHP script that will execute any command
  entered.  See the files README, INSTALL, and SECURITY or
  http://mgeisler.net/php-shell/ for further information.

  Copyright (C) 2000-2005 Martin Geisler <mgeisler@mgeisler.net>



You can execute commands on the server with the above methods.

You can NOT execute commands on the client computer. That is an Internet security violation.

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