Me now facing another array format promble again
SELECT SUM(RAW_AMOUNT) as TotalRawAmount, SUM(FG_AMOUNT) as TotalFGAmount, SUM(WIP) as TotalWIPAmount, UPLOAD_DATE FROM raw_fg_sum GROUP by UPLOAD_DATE";
how to store data into to this multi array again??
DataFOr UPload_date
data for TotalRawAmount
$arrData[0][2] = 1000;
$arrData[1][2] = 2011;
$arrData[2][2] = 1111;
$arrData[3][2] = 2333;
// Dara for TotalFGAmount
$arrData[0][3] = 212;
$arrData[1][3] = 122;
$arrData[2][3] = 21;
$arrData[3][3] = 21;
// Data for TotalWIGAmount
$arrData[1][4] = 212;
$arrData[2][4] = 122;
$arrData[3][4] = 211;
$arrData[4][4] = 21;

Any 1 can help me???
Need store the data into the specific array space

I have shown you how to format the array in the way you need(in the other thread). You should try this yourself by analysing the code I gave you earlier. Unless you make an attempt, you wont learn anything. (This is just like the other format. So, I dont see any point why you cannot do it.)