Login page code for asp.net with c#

the most basic one can be this :
get the user name and password from the page then if they match with what you want, set a value to your session variable : Session["IsAuthorized"]=true; then in your restricted pages ask for this session variable and make check if it is set to true, if it is true, allows access, if not, redirect the user to another page saying his credentials dont match with the ones you are expecting.

Serkan ┼×endur

unfortunately we don't do the whole coding for people here. Attempt it and show us the code. We will help you from there

been working my way through that myself, have a condition loop
if (textbox1.Text == "usernameblah" && textbox2.Text == "Passwordblah"){
//do something

is yours database driven, majestic?

and what do you need help with?

mine is not database driven, the OP just asked for Login page code for asp.net with c# so I was trying to help them

lol I am not stuck (at this part at least) with the login details, I thought that atulkhobragade was