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umm..As far as I know, you cant do that without using frames. Even if you use include or require, whenever the page is loaded, it will include the banner page again. Lets see if someone has a solution for this !


you could use ajax to load the contents of a page into a div layer, but that is about the same approach as using frames, with more work.

You could try and get fancy with some actionscript to write session or cookie data from within the flash at increments of the timeline. You could use that session/cookie data on subsequent pages to start the flash where it left off, or have it not play at all if the data is set. This would require some server side scripting and some knowledge of actionscript so that you could get the flash to interact with the script.

For what it's worth, I usually just use frames...If SEO is a concern however, you may want to avoid using frames. Another approach is to just use a static image banner on all the pages after the first.


can you help for my school project.. . ??? Its all about a program that will compute for CPU scheduling with CPU gantt chart in Operating System subject.. from what language can I do it easier?? Is it in Visual Basic or in Flash 8 using actionscript?? Can you help me guys??? I need your help guys. . Thanks in advance. . I will wait for your suggestions. .


I've got a few suggestions
1) As Nav33n suggested , you could make use of frames.
2) With the exception of Frames, you could look into Layers, however Layers react differently with Mozilla and IE
3) if your banner does not have any other functionality(onClick etc, links) , and its used only for cosmetic purposes , I suggest you convert it to a gif format. It loads a lot faster.


i have a website and it have a flash banner. the problem is that every time i open a link the banner will have to reload again.

is there any way that i can use on my links so that when the link is clicked it will include a page (for axample information of about us, services) in the contents part of the page (below the banner) without making the banner to reload just like what frames do

did you try header().


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