Hi all, just another quick question, I have a browse button that I would like to have open a browse dialog box. Now I have tried using :


in the event handler of the button but I am missing the using system.windows.forms namespace. so another question can be asked.....how do you insert using statements in C# script inside an ASP.NET application? Or is there an easier way to get a browse dialog box? Phew, that was mouthful lol. Thank you for your time

SOrry, I don't think that is very clear. I now have a file upload box that i use to select a file, then i want to perform an action on that file (rename it for eg). can I do that with an upload box?

you cannot rename the file on the file upload box. however, if you want the user to see a renamed file name, you will need 2 upload boxes. Then use javascript to hide the other file upload field, set the value of that hidden field when the other upload field is set, then change the text of that other upload field. Then on the back end of your server side programming, you can only grab the second file upload box and upload the correct file.

Explain what you want exactly done. Renaming the file on a client's computer or on the server, only want the user to see a renamed file.. etc.