Please take a lot at this. Tomcat is reporting the variable editQuestion cannot be resolved.

String key = request.getParameter("edit");
  ResultSet columns1 = statement.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM Questions WHERE ID ="+ key +"");
    String editid = columns1.getString("ID");
    String editQuestion = columns1.getString("Question");
    String editAnswer = columns1.getString("Answer");
	String editUpdated = columns1.getString("Timestamp");
	String editAuthor = columns1.getString("Author");	
<form action="viewFAQ.jsp" method="get">
<INPUT readonly TYPE="TEXT" NAME="ID" value="<%= key %>">
<TEXTAREA NAME="comments" COLS="40"ROWS="6"><%= editQuestion %></TEXTAREA>

Thanks :)

Hey, I've managed to solve this....turns out I had to declare the variables i.e. String question = null; outside the loop.