I wonder if anyone can help with this problem I have

I'm trying to create a shopping cart with session variables, there are 5 buttons on the form and by clicking 1 of these displays the relevant product and price in session variables in textboxes on the next form, the product list is in an XML file, I can load 1 selection fine but can't seem to load the session variables for the other buttons depending on what button is clicked

Does anybody have any tips/advice on how to overcome the problem


I would not recommend using the Session command for storing product related information

I would use the query string
ie. http://www.taylorsnet.co.uk/SourceCodeDetail.aspx?SourceID=5

So that if a customer bookmarks that page it will forget the session but will still retain the info from the query string

the page can access the query string from


Then get the product page to pull the data from the XML file

multiple query strings can be added by separating them by a &

Thanks for the reply

This is an assignment I'm doing and the requirement is for session variables, as you're saying you wouldn't normally do this in the real world

Is there a way I can load the session variables depending on what button is clicked on the first form


In this case I would have a common session variable

On first page

public sub button1_click
session("Clicked") = "button1"
end sub

public sub button2_click
session("Clicked") = "button2"
end sub

public sub button3_click
session("Clicked") = "button3"
end sub

On second page

public sub page_load
if session("Clicked").tostring = "button1" then
'run these sessions
elseif session("Clicked").tostring = "button2" then
'run these sessions
 elseif session("Clicked").tostring = "button3" then
'run these sessions
end if
end sub

Thank-you for your help, the products and prices are appearing in the textboxes now, to complete the assignment I need to do the following:

On the order form with the relevant product and price in the textboxes a quantity is entered, when add to basket link is clicked the user is taken to the shopping basket form which is the last form in the application showing the contents of their order, (Description, price, quanity and total) in a datagrid with a text box also showing the order value

The user can then either click place order, this then results in an email being sent with the order details and taken to a conformation page, the basket should then be cleared

The other option is to click carry on shopping, the user is then taken back to the products page and allowed to add further contents to the shopping basket

Any tips/advice on how to approach this would be appreciated, I'm not looking to be spoon fed the answer, just need a guide being new to the language


To send E-Mails lookup these Variables

Dim EMail As New System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
Dim SMTPServer As New System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient
Dim Authentication As New Net.NetworkCredential("login name/email", "password")

The rest is quite easy once you know the Variables

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