I am not much experienced in JSP.

I am facing one problem while printing a XML String on the screen.

Code snippet ->

String result = ab.returnResult();

result is returning a XML String..Suppose <A>123</A><B>SIR</B><C>21</C>

I am printing -> <tr><td><%= result %></td></tr>

I am getting 123SIR21 as output in the screen..

I want it as -> <A>123</A><B>SIR</B><C>21</C> ( with XML tags )..

Could anyone help me out of this issue...
I am sorry If I am asking a silly question..Please answer as early as possible..

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You need to escape the XML strings returned and convert the <, > and other characters which have special meaning in HTML to their HTML entities.

< - &lt;
> - &gt;
" - &quot;

You can try something like:

String str = ab.result();
str = str.replaceAll("<", "&lt;").replaceAll(">", "&gt;");

thanks ~S.O.S~ for ur help...It worked..

Happy to help. :-)

any way to make the browser to present the string with the xml tags as real XML (i mean with the ability to click on the "+" and the "-", cause all it shows is a static string... and not xml...


No, there isn't any direct method of doing the same. This is because the representation you are talking about is the way browser is configured to / coded to display XML; this would differ from browser to browser.

If you want to make this happen, you would have to create a XML document instance from the XML received as string and apply some Javascript magic to convert that in memory tree structure to something of value for the client using a bunch of <ul> and <li> and what not. This is by no means a simple task unless you are well versed in Javascript.

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