I have Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition and also HTML 4.0.
I can designe website just reading HTML 4.0 and this comes fairly easy to me. But learning about MWD 2008 is whole new game. I have to learn ASP.NET, AJAX, .NET, VB.NET, SQL,
.NET FRAMEWORK and many more. In addition, I must learn how to implement all these in order to desing a website. It seems like, they are not making it any easier, they make web design much more difficult. Do you agree.


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Hi SAMSEIED, In one way web development is getting harder because of the server-side scripting languages, but on the other hand this makes for much better websites. A plain HTML website is just a static site and cant do much, like user interaction. Today's websites are much more dynamic and database driven and this has been made possible because of all of these server-side scripting languages. I myself don't like ASP.NET. I use PHP5 along with MySQL, PEAR, XHTML, XML and CSS for all my web sites, and if I have to, sometimes Javascript:)


haha... umm.... if you want to be a programmer - you HAVE to learn how to program. You DON'T need asp.net/ajax/mssql/javascript to create a webstie. You can just use HTML - but your site will be static only.

If you want to take advantage of all the new technologies that make building website "applications" or *programs* then, yes, you will need to learn how to program.

If it's too tough for you then maybe it's not for you. Programming isn't for everyone. I also feel that asp.net is easy adn so is vb.net. the BASIC language is a beginners language after all.

Grab some books and stick it out.... I'm sure you'll do fine.

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