I have Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition and also HTML 4.0.
I can designe website just reading HTML 4.0 and this comes fairly easy to me. But learning about MWD 2008 is whole new game. I have to learn ASP.NET, AJAX, .NET, VB.NET, SQL,
.NET FRAMEWORK and many more. In addition, I must learn how to implement all these in order to desing a website. It seems like, they are not making it any easier, they make web design much more difficult. Do you agree.


Hi SAMSEIED, In one way web development is getting harder because of the server-side scripting languages, but on the other hand this makes for much better websites. A plain HTML website is just a static site and cant do much, like user interaction. Today's websites are much more dynamic and database driven and this has been made possible because of all of these server-side scripting languages. I myself don't like ASP.NET. I use PHP5 along with MySQL, PEAR, XHTML, XML and CSS for all my web sites, and if I have to, sometimes Javascript:)

haha... umm.... if you want to be a programmer - you HAVE to learn how to program. You DON'T need asp.net/ajax/mssql/javascript to create a webstie. You can just use HTML - but your site will be static only.

If you want to take advantage of all the new technologies that make building website "applications" or *programs* then, yes, you will need to learn how to program.

If it's too tough for you then maybe it's not for you. Programming isn't for everyone. I also feel that asp.net is easy adn so is vb.net. the BASIC language is a beginners language after all.

Grab some books and stick it out.... I'm sure you'll do fine.