Hi there! I have installed CuteNews without ANY problems... However... When I posted the code into my webpage for the news to display on it, it did that, but one problem... The news will NOT update itself! I added and even deleted posts, but the changes never take affect! The strange thing is... In the cutenews folder on the database, I looked at show_nes.php , and the updates are THERE! They just don't want to appear on my webpage! Why? The page that the news is supposed to be updating to is... www.atlantawebsiteproductions.com/gamesfyi/ecards.php ... Also, the show_news.php file is located here... http://atlantawebsiteproductions.com/cutenews/show_news.php ... If giving you my webiste's source code would help, then please tell me, and I will post it... Thanks! :cheesy:

Alright. Here's the code! Also, I have gone to the CutePHP forums, and I am still getting some help, but they are slow. lol Please download the source, and let me know what happens! Thanks!

the html is fine, what is in the cutenews/show_news.php file? The problem will most likley be in there. It may be that it is just trying to read the info from the wrong place