check the mysql, see if there is a user verified, or verified coloumn in there, that should help you

first thing i checked and funny that because normal user have that function but not admin is ther a way i can create that function

to be honest i wouldn't know off the top of my head as i havent seen that particular script so i have no idea

which file do u need i will send it to you
database.php or login.php, logincheck.php

Is it a custom message or the one from mysql ? If its a custom message, check all your scripts for this string. Check on what condition does it print this statement.

Check why admin login is failing.. Maybe you have given the wrong username/password ? umm.. Don't you have an option to add an admin ?

Hi yasmin, is there any chance you send me the database.php, login.php and logincheck.php? so I can get a better understanding of this script to help you?

My email address is


its okay Richie decided not to use the script silly of me to buy a script and not check if the company had any support when installing the script. Thank you for all your help

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